Diagnosis and Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis

How is Meningitis Diagnosed?

The only way that meningitis can be diagnosed is with a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). They insert a needle into the lower back between the vertebrae to extract cerebral spinal fluid. The cerebral spinal fluid is then examined for any bacteria and any that is found is grown in the lab for identification purposes so they can target the bacteria with more specific antibiotics!​

Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis.

Bacterial Meningitis left untreated can cause death in an adult in 24 hours and in a child it could take even less time. So the treatment of Bacterial Meningitis must be done immediately after diagnoses. Until the culture from the cerebral spinal fluid is grown and they can identify the bacteria, a broad spectrum antibiotic is used. Once the bacteria is identified then they narrow it down to a more specific medication.