Mellodi's Meningitis March

At 8:07 am May 8th 2021 it was exactly 1 year ago that our family welcomed Mellodi May March into this world.

As a way to celebrate her life and her first birthday, we want to raise awareness. Meningitis may not be very common but when it does come into your life, the effects are devastating to say the least.

In the united states of America approximately 2,600 sporadic cases of Bacterial Meningitis occur a year. Between 10-15% of people who become ill with Meningitis will not live.

When left untreated, 24 hours is all the time is takes to make the difference between life and death. Mellie's Meningitis March is 2.4 miles to represent how important is it to receive treatment in the first 24 hours. I left the second ER Mellie was seen at 17 hours before she had the stroke that caused the Acquired Brain Injury that left her unable to breath without the ventilator.

Our goal is tp prevent or to help prevent other families from feeling the anguish and heartbreak we have been left with due to Bacterial Meningitis. No parent or family should have to bury their baby or have to celebrate birthdays visiting a cemetery. So thank you for helping us try to help ensure others are aware of Bacterial Meningitis and its symptoms. Thank you for helping Mellodi be remembered.

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